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AGPT 2021 applications open Monday, 23 March

Introducing WA Rural Generalism

Operate at the height of your scope

Thinking about general practice as a career?

Hear the inspirational stories of WAGPET GP registrars and supervisors

Why be a GP

What is it that makes General Practice the single largest medical specialty in Australia? Where general practice can take you is limitless, offering a life-long career filled with a wide range of learning and employment opportunities.

How to become a GP

General practice is a highly diverse and unique discipline that combines rigorous scientific training with relationship-based philosophy. There are a number of pathways to becoming a GP in Western Australia. Want to find out what GP opportunities are available to you?

Train in WA

General practice is a diverse profession and Western Australia is a diverse state. Undertaking GP training in WA offers you a unique experience of learning from excellent and experienced practicing GPs in the beautiful west part of Australia.