Australian Medical Association (WA)


Australian Medical Association (WA)


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The AMA (WA) is the largest independent professional organisation for medical practitioners and medical students in the State, representing doctors across the public and private sectors, ranging from residents and registrars through to specialists and general practitioners.

AMA (WA) Mission Statement

“To represent and serve the medical profession collectively and individually, to promote the health interests of the people of Western Australia.”

Key Aims and Objectives

  • To promote and protect the interests of the medical profession in Western Australia
  • To protect and preserve the professional, academic and economic independence of our members
  • To preserve, maintain, promote and advance the intellectual, philosophical, social, political, economic and legal interests of members and of the medical profession in general
  • To foster and sustain consultation and communication within the medical profession
  • To consider, originate and promote improvements or amendments to the law as it relates to the medical profession, the practice of medicine or to the medical or allied sciences
  • To develop and advance the public health
  • To promote the welfare of patients