Why GP: Dr Yusof Mutahar

Why GP: Dr Yusof Mutahar

Why did you choose RACGP fellowship?

After being indifferent about what career pathway to choose, I came to the conclusion that the RACGP would open up more opportunities and pathways than any other fellowship program. This is because I was interested in multiple aspects of medicine, including paediatrics, sports medicine, travel medicine, rural and indigenous health, preventative health, dermatology and chronic disease. After conducting extensive research, the only fellowship program that would enable me to adequately pursue all my interests and ambitions was the RACGP

Why did you choose general practice?

As a junior doctor, I was under the impression that the interventional cardiologist or the neurosurgeon was the clinician that saved the lives and the GP dealt with the minor illnesses. After a few years of experience as a doctor, I came to the realisation that preventative health was the most significant aspect in reducing mortality and morbidity and more could be done for patients in primary health care and in the consulting rooms than the cath lab. As a result, my interest and respect for general practice grew and I decided to pursue my career pathway in GP.